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A-Gon Hits Two Goners, But to no Avail

Adrian Gonzalez, the first baseman for the Boston Red Sox, has made a huge impact on the team. He hit two homers yesturday in Roger Center against the Blue Jays. However, the Red Sox’s ace, Jon Lester struggled against the Jays, especially in the 1st inning, giving only 1 hit, but 3 walks and 2 fielder’s choices. Carl Crawford would get a run in the following inning, and 2 innings later, David Ortiz would hit a solo homerun. After a complicated 4th inning for Lester and a two run homer by A-Gon, the Red Sox ace looked to be in his groove. In the next two innings, Jose Bautista J. P. Arencibia would both hit leadoff solo homeruns. Both teams had a chance to get runs in the 7th inning, but neither of the teams got that key hit. The Red Sox would later score on an RBI single from Saltalamacchia, bringing in Lowrie from second. Solo homeruns from David Cooper and A-Gon would add suspense to the game, which went into extras. In the bottom of the tenth inning, Raj Davis would get a single, steal second and third base, and score on a sacrifice fly by David Cooper. The Red Sox quest to .500 was denied once again (hopefully the last time).



Two homeruns in the same game, but to no avail.

A-Gon is right now our best player on the team.

The best part was A-Gon’s quote “…let’s beat those Yanks.”

He has 6 homers this season and he WILL GO OVER 50.     


The Red Sox Beat the Twins in Extras

Suspense filled Fenway Park in the bottom of the 11th inning with 1 out and a man on first. Carl Crawford was the batter. He would get his second walk-off hit in the season with a full count. Crawford hit the ball against the Green Monster, crediting himself with a double and allowing the Red Sox to beat the Twins 2-1. 


Carl Crawford’s first walk-off, a single.


The Red Sox had many chances to score against Nick Blackburn, the Twin’s starter, but they would only blast in one run on a single by A-Gon with Jason Varitek on third base in th 6.1 innings that Blackburn pitched against the Sox. The team went 1 for 13 with runners in scoring position. A-Gon got the only hit in that situation. Josh Beckett pitched 7 strong innings giving up no runs, 6 hits, and only one walk. That put Beckett’s ERA right where it belongs, under 2.


Sadly enough, Beckett would not get credited with a win. Alfredo Aceves would give up a single to Denard Span and record 1 out. However, during Aceves’ delivery, the first base umpire, Angel Hernandez called a balk on Aceves. He got the batter out and was taken out of the game afterwards by the Red Sox’s manager, Terry Francona. While walking off the field, Aceves shook his head to Hernandez about the balk. Jonathan Papelbon would come in and surrender a run to Jason Kubel on an RBI single. Both teams had chances to break the game open in the tenth and eleventh innings. However, it would be the Red Sox who would strike last. After Jed Lowrie walked, Carl Crawford would hit an RBI double off the Green Monster, giving the Red Sox the win.


And the Red Sox Win It!!!

Keep on winning!!!

Beat the Jays!





The Twins would give up a hit to Jacoby Ellsbury, extending his hitting streak to 18 games.     

The Red Sox Hope to Defeat Twins in Final Game

The Red Sox hope to win a series against an AL Central team for the first time this season. Adrian Gonzalez has been feeling comfortable at home, hitting 3 homers in the series. The Red Sox have Josh Beckett on the mound against Nick Blackburn, who is 2-4 with a 4.41 ERA this season. Josh Beckett has a 2.35 ERA and an amazing 35 strikeouts in 38.1 innings.


Josh Beckett, a pitcher who is ready to be an ace again.



The Red Sox offense has been in total bloom lately, scoring 9 runs in yesturday’s game. The Twins have been having a slow start (slower than Boston) with a 12-20 record. Their star catcher Joe Mauer is injured, making the Twins vunerable. After their first game against each other, the Red Sox have been finding gaps in the Twin’s pitching. The Twins will not find any gaps in our stellar Josh Beckett, who is truly incredible. The Red Sox are in third place with a 16-18 record. The Red Sox will not go down any lower for awhile. So, if the Red Sox defeat the Twins tonight, they are 3-7 against the AL Central.


Lets Go Red Sox!!

Beat the Twins!!

Keep on Winning!!


Red Sox Win 1st Game Against AL Central Team

The Red Sox came into this game with a three game losing streak, hoping to beat the Twins, unlike the yesturday’s 9-2 loss. Clay Buchholz would take the mound against the Twin’s south-paw pitcher, Brian Duensing. Clay Buchholz has had a very streaky 2011. He had bad starts and good starts, however this would be his best start so far in the year. Buchholz would pitch 5 innings limiting the Twins 2 hits and 1 walk to Rene Rivera. The bullpen would come in for 4 innings. The pitchers only allowed 1 hit, no runs, and only 1 walk through those 4 innings in a 4-0 Red Sox win.





The Red Sox would pounch on the Twins early with a leadoff double by Jacoby Ellsbury. Jed Lowrie would eventually bring Ellsbury home with a sharp single to left field. In the second inning, it looked as if the Twins were safe from the rising Red Sox’s threats. However, the very next inning, with Kevin Slowey pitching, Kevin Youkilis would drill the ball to left field, giving him an RBI single. The runner who reached the plate was A-Gon, who had doubled earlier in the inning.


The Red Sox would pose another threat in the 7th inning, getting runners on 1st and 2nd base. However, despite their advantage, the Red Sox were unable to score any runs. This inning marked the exit of Kevin Slowey and the entrance of Glen Perkins. Alex Brunett would replace Perkins in the 8th inning. The inning looked in the Twin’s favor with 2 outs and nobody on base, but that was not the case for today’s game. On two singles and a walk, the bases were loaded. Jacoby Ellsbury would hit a 2 run single, scoring Carl Crawford and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.




The Red Sox closer, Jonathan Papelbon, would save the game for the Red Sox.



And the Red Sox Win It!

Make the .500 Mark!

Lets Go Red Sox!

The Red Sox Defeat Third Ace in a Row

The Red Sox defeated Dan Haren yesturday, making him the 3rd Ace in a row that the Red Sox have defeated. Dan Haren is not the ace of the Angels, but he pitches like one, with a 1.76 ERA. However, Haren was facing a real ace, Jon Lester, who would go 7 innings striking out 11 batters, giving up 1 run on a homerun in the second inning, 6 hits, and only one walk. Jon Lester now has an ERA under 1 against the Halos this year.



Dan Haren would stun the Red Sox while giving up no runs on only two hits in 5 innings. That was all about to change. Jacoby Ellsbury would hit a one out double. After that, Dustin Pedroia would strikeout and claim that he had tipped the ball on strike three. The argument lasted for a few seconds before Pedroia went back to the dugout. With two out in the 6th inning, it looked as if Dan Haren would get out of the situation. However, A-Gon, the Red Sox’s best hitter stood in Haren’s way. A-Gon would deliever an RBI single with a close play at the plate. Jacoby Ellsbury was called safe on the play. The inning was still alive as David Ortiz would single, moving A-Gon to third base. He would score on a single by Jed Lowrie to right field. Dan Haren managed to get J.D. Drew to strikeout, but the damage was done.


2 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning. These players were responsible for the runs.



In the bottom of the 7th inning, the Red Sox would get another run off of Dan Haren. Afetr a single by Carl Crawford, Jarrod Saltalamacchia would hit an RBI double as Crawford speeds to home plate. Then, Haren would get out of the inning. Around this time, Daniel Bard would replace LHP, Jon Lester on the mound. Bard would get 3 quick outs on 9 pitches.



In the bottom of the 8th inning, Jonathan Papelbon was in the bullpen, but little did the Red Sox know, there would be no opportunity for the closer to get a save. In a 3-1 game, the Red Sox would stack the runs in their favor. Adrian Gonzalez began the inning by taking Haren deep to right field. Dan Haren would leave the game after that and give the ball to LHP, Hisanori Takahashi. He would do no better against David Ortiz, who would end up hitting another homerun. Jed Lowrie would hit a single and watch J.D. Drew get called out on strikes. Then, Marco Scutaro, the unlikely source, hit a homerun over the Green Monster. The Angel’s Manager demanded a review, but after a review, it was ruled as a homerun. No more runs would come in that inning. In the top of the 9th inning, the Red Sox still sent Jonathan Papelbon into the game. After giving up 2 singles to Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells, Erick Aybar came up and hit a ground-rule double, scoring Hunter from second base. After a sacrifice fly by Mark Trumbo, Papelbon would not allow another hit as he got out the last two batters in the game, giving the Red Sox a 7-3 win.





The Comeback


From a 2-10 start, the Boston Red Sox have won 12 of their last 17 games. The Red Sox came from last place to third. The Red Sox have shown their fans that they can beat the first place Yankees. The Red Sox’s pitching has improved dramatically since the first 12 games. The Red Sox will reach the playoffs, pass the Championships, and they WILL get their World Series Rings.  



A-Gon Has Made A Huge Impact

With a .310 Average so far in the season, Adrian Gonzalez (A-Gon) has made a huge impact in the Red Sox’s line-up. He has 18 RBIs, 1 triple, 1 homerun against the Cleveland Indians, and 11 doubles, including the bases clearing double with the bases loaded yesturday. He has filled the hole that the Red Sox were trying to fill. Last year, A-Gon had over 30 homers in Petco Park, one of the largest ballparks in the majors. In his last 10 games with the Red Sox, A-Gon has a .349 Average. A-Gon is going to hit balls that leave the park as the days go on. I am so overjoyed that the Red Sox got A-Gon. This was an amazing move by Theo Epstein and A-Gon is our leading player in average. A-Gon will have an amazing 2011.




He’s a hero on Day 1 because he said during his interview, “…we’re gonna beat the Yanks…”

The Red Sox “Weave” Jered into Their Web

The Red Sox would play game 2 of the series against the Angel’s ace, Jered Weaver. Before the game, Weaver had a 6-0 impeccable record with a league leading 0.99 ERA. However, he has struggled in Fenway Park throughout his career, especially David Ortiz, who is .346 with 2 homeruns and 9 RBI’s against Weaver. One of his homers was a grandslam that my family and I saw together in August.




Getting back to the game, the Halos were going up against Clay Buchholz, at the time, the only Red Sox pitcher that the Angels had not faced so far in the season. Buchholz has not been doing well lately, but he put his game face on tonight.



Buchholz would pitch 6.2 innings and give up only 2 earned runs. He would give up 8 hits and a minimum of 2 walks, but he would also have only 2 strikeouts. In the first inning, Kevin Youkilis would get an RBI single, driving in Jacoby Ellsbury who stole second base after getting a base hit. The next run would come for the Halos in the top of the third inning. This run would come on a bad call from the second base umpire. The bad call would result in a double and the Angel’s first run on Bobby Abreu’s RBI single. In the top of the 5th inning, everyone held their breath. After 4 batters, Buchholz had one out under hit belt, and the bases loaded. On a 5 pitch at-bat to Bobby Abreu, he would hit a ball that would deflect off of Buchholz’s left shoulder. Dustin Pedroia realized that the deflection cause the ball to go in the opposite direction that he was running in. So, then the laser show made his stand. He spun around on his knees to stop the ball from advancing from the outfield, picked up the ball, and threw to the shortstop, Jed Lowrie, who was covering second base for Pedroia. The throw was in time, and even though the Angels took the lead away from the Red Sox, it was a play to watch.


Then, it the 5th inning, the Red Sox made it clear to Weaver that he could not pitch more than an inning with the lead. Carl Crawford, who was 2-4 in the game, got a double after Lowrie lined out to third base. Jason Varitek would walk and later get out on a fielder’s choice. Ellsbury was safe at first on the play. So, with 2 outs, Pedroia cae to the plate. During the at-bat, Jacoby Ellsbury was able to steal second base. With runners in scoring position and 2 outs, Dustin Pedroia has a .300 career batting average. However, in his career against Jered Weaver, he is only 3 for his last 23. Suspense covered the stadium as Pedroia would go through a nine minute, 13 pitch at-bat. Luckily for all of us Red Sox fans, Dustin Pedroia would hit a two run single, taking the lead away from the Angels.




In the bottom of the 7th inning, Hisanori Takahashi would replace Weaver and the Red Sox would explode in that inning. After an out, a single, and a double, Takahashi was taken out of the game and replaced by Francisco Rodriguez. After Dustin Pedroia walked, A-Gon would please all of Red Sox faithful. He would hit a bases clearing double and give the Red Sox a 6-2 lead. Kevin Youkilis would not be outdone by A-Gon as he hit an RBI double off of the Green Monster scoring A-Gon. David Ortiz, not feeling to be outdone by Youk and A-Gon, hit a 2 run homerun over the Green Monster. As he ran near home plate, David Ortiz was hugging a member of the U.S. Navy in a emotional moment. After that, he touched home, securing the 9th run for the Red Sox in the game.


             The Red Sox’s bats invade the Angel’s devastating bullpen in the 7th inning. 




The Angel’s final good moments came on a 2 run homerun for Vernon Wells and an RBI double for Maicer Izturis. The Red Sox would win the game 9-5.



Lets Go Red Sox!

Players with RBI’s for Boston

Dustin Pedroia (2)

A-Gon (3)

Kevin Youkilis (2)

David Ortiz (2)


And the Red Sox Win It!!

Let’s Sweep LA AGAIN!!!

13-15 is our record….

We will be over .500 very soon!!