About redsoxlover

Hello, I am Marc, a proud and happy
MLBlogger. I am very hopeful into getting many 5’s on my
blogs. My first blog, “The Sox Wars” had recently recieved a
five. I would like it if you rated my blogs 5’s. But I can
understand if you do not like my blogs. I know “Manny” fans,
(if there are any would not like “Manny Being Barry Bonds”).
I would wish to see other blogs, but I will rate those on how
I read the blog. I would wish to be friendly to anyone who
e-mailed me. I would also like to see other blogs,(if you
have any for me, you can write them in the comments box). It
would be wanted for you to read my blogs at redsoxlover.com.


bestmetsfanever (I’m sorry to say I did not
put in yours. I never got to see yours).