Game 162- Do or Die for Sox

The Red Sox had a collapse, leading to the tie in the Wild Card for first place. For the first time in my life, I have been forced to root for the Yankees, who are winning 1-0. Hopefully, Jon Lester will continue being undefeated against the O’s (he has a career average of 14-0 against them). Upon writing this blog, Lester has navigated through the first inning, giving up no runs in the process. The irony for the Red Sox and Rays is that the Rays second baseman, Brignac made an error, giving up a key run. However, a routine groundball was hit to him, and the ball went through his legs. I will not say what this play has to do with the 1986 Red Sox. Going back to the 2011 Red Sox, the spark plug for the Sox in September has been Jacoby Ellsbury, hitting three home runs in the Yankee-Red Sox double header. The pitching has been the complete opposite with an ERA of over eight in September. Hopefully, having Lester play against a team that he has success with will make him become good again. The big shocker is Josh Beckett who was horrific when he gave up 6 runs to the Orioles. Beckett has been good for most of the season and he is a big game pitcher. The Red Sox rookie, Ryan Laraway has been showing power, and the Red Sox are loving every second that this kid plays. The Rays lost their moment to get back that unearned run in the first inning. The Yankees’ rookie got out of a tight situation. If the Red Sox make the Play-offs, they will face the Tigers, who have a stacked line-up, but only one extremely good pitcher in Justin Verlander. I still believe that the Red Sox WILL GET THEIR RINGS. This is an exciting and historical baseball game that will never be forgotten. As usual, I always root for the Red Sox until the end. Let’s Go Red Sox!!!


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