Jacoby Ellsbury

With an average over .300, over 80 RBIs as a leadoff, and yes, more home runs than A-Gon. Who would have guessed Ellsbury’s incredible MVP type of year? Also, with his 36 steals and great catches in the outfield, Jacoby Ellsbury is everything that the Red Sox expected…out of Carl Crawford who has a .250 average. With over 80 RBIs (88) as a leadoff, Ellsbury shows that he can hit in pressured situations, and more importantly, the team can put runners on base even with the bottom part of the order. In his last 30 games, Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting .320, proving that once he is hot, he remains that way. If we were to compare Jacoby Ellsbury with A-Gon and Curtis Granderson this is what the statistics would look like.

Jacoby Ellsbury- .316 season average, 36 steals, 88 RBIs, 25 home runs, 49 BB, .320 average in the last 30 gamess

A-Gon- .343 season average, 24 home runs, 106 RBIs, 59 BB, 1 steal, .304 average in the last 30 games

Curtis Granderson- .271 season average, 38 home runs, 109 RBIs, 78 BB, 24 steals, .258 average in the last 30 games


Before anyone reaches a quick decision, it is important to note the surroundings and batting spot for each player. A-Gon and Grandy are in the third spot and get RBIs when fast people such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner get on base for their respective teams. Also, Granderson has 38 home runs in the second smallest ballpark in MLB. Jacoby Ellsbury and A-Gon both play in the 6th smallest ballpark in MLB, but Fenway Park has the Green Monster, a Red Sox shrine, but it is hard to get over the 37 foot Green Monster. The walls in Yankees Stadium are very small. The biggest shock about Ellsbury is not the home runs, but it is the RBIs. Unless he hits a leadoff home run, Ellsbury will not get an RBI in the first inning because he is the Red Sox leadoff. He is usually the run (102 runs), but now he also has 88 RBIs. Granderson may have the most home runs out of the three players, but he is in a small ballpark with only a .271 average. If I am in a game changing situation, Curtis Granderson is good, but he would be my last choice in that category. I would want either Jacoby Ellsbury or A-Gon. However, if Ellsbury gets on base, then he could steal a base. The speed factor makes him perfect for this kind of situation with A-Gon barely in second place. I am not excluding A-Gon, but Jacoby Ellsbury has a good shot at being an MVP. It is certain that A-Gon and Granderson have more RBIs, and Granderson has more home runs than Ellsbury, but he is a leadoff. Ellsbury does not get as many chances to swing the bat with runners on base as did A-Gon and Curtis, but he is only about 20 RBIs behind number three hitters. Another one of Jacoby Ellsbury’s factors of becoming the MVP will be that he was hurt for most of last season. So, Red Sox fans like myself are obviously going to miss Ellsbury. That means more votes for Ellsbury. That means Jacoby Ellsbury will be the 2011 MVP. Power is not everything when deciding who should be the MVP. Dustin Pedroia should know.


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