Red Sox Get Hot Start in First, Followed by Hot Tempers

The Red Sox scored 8 runs in the first inning with 13 batters. Kevin Youkilis would start the rally with an RBI single, followed by David Ortiz’s 3 run home run. The defense of the O’s was virtually wiped out. The Sox scored 4 more runs on a double and 2 singles. Zack Britton would not escape the first inning. The O’s scored their only 3 runs in the 5th, followed by Dustin Pedroia’s lead-off homer in the 6th inning.Josh Reddick would get an RBI on a triple into the triangle. The main event of the game occurred in the next at-bat. Big Papi would be thrown in twice in a row by the O’s reliever, Kevin Gregg. Papi flew out to right field. After Gregg made a hand gesture to Ortiz, the benches cleared in a brawl. Papi and Gregg were throwing punches at each other. This was the first fight I saw in person. The Sox won the game 10-3.

And the Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep on winning!!!

Sweep the 0’s





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