Red Sox Continue Giving the Yankees a Nightmare

The Red Sox won the second game of the series 11-6. The Red Sox are 6-0 in Yankee Stadium and they have a 7-1 record against the Yankees this season. The long ball really helped the Sox as David Ortiz, Carl Crawford, and J.D. Drew would go deep in the game. Every Red Sox player had either a hit, an RBI, or both. Tim Wakefield would pitch 5 strong innings before giving up 4 runs, 3 that were earned in the inning that Wakefield left the mound. A.J. Burnett would do the opposite, giving up 8 runs (7 earned) and 1 home run to Big Papi, and no, Ortiz did not flick the bat. Despite this, Burnett was able to get one more out than Wakefield. Boone Logan would replace him in the 6th inning, walking A-Gon with the bases loaded (A.J.’s only runner on base), and strikeout Kevin Youkilis. The Yankees would have the bases loaded in the next half of the inning with one out. However, Derek Jeter would ground out into the 5-4-3 double play, leaving a good opportunity behind. The Red Sox scored a stack of runs in the 9th inning. Carl Crawford finally contributed a home run in the series, followed by a J.D. Drew 2 run home run. Mark Teixtera would score a run on an RBI single to left field. That would be the last run of the game as the Red Sox won 11-6.


And the Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Sweep NY!!!

Keep on winning!!!

7-1 Against NY!!!


One comment

  1. toosoxy

    What a fun game! A little stressful at the beginning with Drew’s ball slap… but he made up for it with the homer. Let’s do it again!

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