Red Sox Absolutely Destroy Cleveland in Perfect Hitting and Pitching Harmony

In a rubber match between the RedSox and the Indians, the Red Sox would leave a trail of fire in Progressive Field. In the first inning, Indians pitcher, Mitch Talbot would give up 7 runs. Jacoby Ellsbury would leadoff the game with a single, and right after stealing second base, would reach home easily on a home run hit by Dustin Pedroia. Then, A-Gon and Big Papi both hit singles. Jed Lowrie would ground into a force out. David Ortiz would be out at second. Carl Crawford, who has been amazing in this series, delivered an RBI single, scoring A-Gon from third base. Jarrod Saltalamacchia would respond with an RBI single, moving crawford to third. Mike Cameron would draw a run on a sacrifice fly and Drew Sutton would get his first hit of the year, bringing in Saltalamacchia from second base. Jacoby Ellsbury would come up, hitting a single as he did to start the inning. Pedroia would get another RBI, this time an RBI single. A-Gon would fly out thus ending the inning. 7 runs was well more than what Jon Lester needed, as he pitched 6 innings, giving up three hits and 1 walk. In the 6 innings, Lester would strikeout 7 batters. Drew Sutton would hit a double in the 3rd inning and later score on an RBI single hit by A-Gon. The Red Sox would get their next two runs on solo home runs hit by Carl Crawford and David Ortiz. Jarrod Saltalamacchia would account for three runs, hitting a three run home in the 6th inning. Jacoby Ellsbury would eventually hit an RBI double, scoring Mike Cameron from second base. The only two runs that the Indians scored came on a two run single hit by Shelley Duncan in the 8th inning. The Red Sox dominated the Indians in a final score of 14-2.

            Every player had his part in the win against the Indians.

And the Red Sox win it!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep on winning!!!

Reach first place!!!



One comment

  1. toosoxy

    What a lovely game. I checked the standings a bit ago- and, yeah, the yankee scores hadn’t come in.. but we were tied for first…

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