Roy Oswalt

I hope the Red Sox get Roy Oswalt. Oswalt is a really good pitcher on the free agent market that pitched for the Phillies. Since he got hurt in the middle of the season, Oswalt will be cheap, but their will not be any big moves until next Sunday. This was stated by the Red Sox GM. If the Cardinals can’t work anything out with Oswalt, then the Red Sox can swoop in and take him instead. We need someone to replace Lackey that won’t have a 5 ERA.


The 2012 Boston Red Sox

With Jonathan Papelbon gone and Big Papi still in the market, the Red Sox might have to rely on multiple new players. However, many of the players the Red Sox have are very good. Even though the Sox lost Papelbon, I have heard that some teams that won the World Series were only paying their Closers 3 Million dollars. So, Closers are not as important as the everyday players and starting pitchers (though I still miss Papelbon; especially his stare). Here is what I think the Red Sox will be like in 2012:

I personally think that Bobby Valentine will be the manager of the Boston Red Sox. He will take no nonsense and will fight (argue bad calls) for the team. The current GM of the Red Sox gave us Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett when Theo went missing, so I think Red Sox Nation has nothing to worry about our GM. Now, here are the players:

Pitching Rotation

Josh Beckett is the well deserved ace of the Boston Red Sox who was one hit away from a perfect game last year (a very close infield single) against the Tampa Bay Rays. Beckett showed us that he was not done by pitching like he did in 2007, dominating the Yankees and other teams in the process. I believe that Josh Beckett will continue to be solid next year.

Jon Lester, our southpaw powerhouse knows how to get batters out. He will make them fly out or ground out. Lester’s ERA is well under the average amount. However, Lester got a little shaky towards the end of the season. I do not think that Lester will be shaky towards the end of the 2012 season. Jon Lester will learn from his mistakes. For example, in Lester’s career, he has been shaky in the month of April. However, last year in April, Jon Lester’s ERA was the lower than any other April in his career.

Clay Buchholz is definitely going to get beat up in his first two starts due to his injury at the beginning of the season. Buchholz has not been exposed to any MLB after May, and this is why he will be rocky. However, once Buchholz again gets familiar with how to use his pitches against hitters, he will be amazing. I would expect to see him amazing in mid May (at most early June). In 2010, Buchholz once had to lowest ERA. I know that his ERA was under 3 in 2010.

John Lackey is done for 2012, but in 2013 he’ll be great because of common interleague play (Astros are going to the AL West in 2013 evening up each league with 15 teams a piece).

Dice-K was streaky (mostly a turn for the worse) last season. However, almost every pitcher who undergoes Tommy-John Surgery is always going to give you better results. Chris Carpenter, the current St. Louis Cardinal’s ace that led them to the World Series had Tommy-John Surgery at one point in his career. Dice-K will be better next year, but the question is how much better will he be?

The Red Sox are bound to get another pitcher from the free agent market. Eric Bedard will probably be a good fit since he was a part of the 2011 Boston Red Sox. Daniel Weiland from the minors wouldn’t be too bad if he learned from a Red Sox expert such as Josh Beckett, who has seen the game for awhile.


Now I will talk about the everyday players. Here they are:


Jarrod Saltalamachia is the Red Sox catcher. Jarrod will probably get better next year because he now has been a part of this team for a whole year and knows what Red Sox Nation expects out of him.

A-Gon has been amazing. However, he’s had his slumps. A-Gon is the type of player who will do bad in 5 consecutive and then do amazing in 15 consecutive games. In between the slumps and streaks of success, A-Gon will do average, going 1-4, 1-3, or 2-4. A-Gon is a premier Gold Glover and hitter.

Dustin Pedroia’s energy and passion for the game will never get old. He is the power plug for the Boston Red Sox. Pedroia played 18 innings against the Rays one time in which he got the eventual winning hit. Dustin Pedroia makes excellent diving plays at second base, robbing other teams of hits and runs. Dustin Pedroia can also muscle baseballs near or over the Green Monster at a common basis. He is a good player all around.

Marco Scutaro will be our Mr. Clutch. He may not be better than A-Gon, but Scutaro is very good in the clutch, getting a double against Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, one of the best in the game in the 9th inning when it mattered the most. Scutaro is still a great player even away from clutch situations.

Kevin Youkilis draws walks like a tree grow leaves in the spring. Youkilis’ OBS is high because he always gets walked. Youkilis will not get hurt more than once and will get even more home runs and RBIs in the 2012 season.

Josh Reddick is young to the game of baseball. As a youngster, Josh Reddick will be fearless against many odds. His average in 2012 will be over .275.

Jacoby Ellsbury led the Red Sox to Game 162 as he went yard over 30 times with over 100 RBIs and an average over .300. How ironic. The Red Sox wanted Crawford to do what Ellsbury did. Going back to Ellsbury, he was amazing in the outfield and in the line-up, earning him the well deserved opportunity to be nominated for the MVP Voting (Justin Verlander was the winner). Ellsbury was amazing.

Carl Crawford was disappointing last year. Crawford should have had a .300 average with over 15 home runs and 100 RBIs. The Red Sox gave the 7 year 142 million dollar Carl Crawford many opportunities, but he did not always deliver. Crawford said he will get better and workout more than he ever has before. He has his excellent years in Tampa to support his case, so I think he needed a year to get familiar with Fenway Park and the Red Sox. In 2012, Crawford will be that player who is worth 7 years, 142 million dollars.

I can’t see any other DH but Big Papi fit for the job, but I sadly think that Big Papi will not stay. Red Sox Nation will miss him if he leaves. He has helped us when we needed him. Big Papi deserves a contract for the Red Sox.


This is what I think about the Red Sox. Overall, they look like a good team ready to do damage to the American and National League    




Game 162- Do or Die for Sox

The Red Sox had a collapse, leading to the tie in the Wild Card for first place. For the first time in my life, I have been forced to root for the Yankees, who are winning 1-0. Hopefully, Jon Lester will continue being undefeated against the O’s (he has a career average of 14-0 against them). Upon writing this blog, Lester has navigated through the first inning, giving up no runs in the process. The irony for the Red Sox and Rays is that the Rays second baseman, Brignac made an error, giving up a key run. However, a routine groundball was hit to him, and the ball went through his legs. I will not say what this play has to do with the 1986 Red Sox. Going back to the 2011 Red Sox, the spark plug for the Sox in September has been Jacoby Ellsbury, hitting three home runs in the Yankee-Red Sox double header. The pitching has been the complete opposite with an ERA of over eight in September. Hopefully, having Lester play against a team that he has success with will make him become good again. The big shocker is Josh Beckett who was horrific when he gave up 6 runs to the Orioles. Beckett has been good for most of the season and he is a big game pitcher. The Red Sox rookie, Ryan Laraway has been showing power, and the Red Sox are loving every second that this kid plays. The Rays lost their moment to get back that unearned run in the first inning. The Yankees’ rookie got out of a tight situation. If the Red Sox make the Play-offs, they will face the Tigers, who have a stacked line-up, but only one extremely good pitcher in Justin Verlander. I still believe that the Red Sox WILL GET THEIR RINGS. This is an exciting and historical baseball game that will never be forgotten. As usual, I always root for the Red Sox until the end. Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Jacoby Ellsbury

With an average over .300, over 80 RBIs as a leadoff, and yes, more home runs than A-Gon. Who would have guessed Ellsbury’s incredible MVP type of year? Also, with his 36 steals and great catches in the outfield, Jacoby Ellsbury is everything that the Red Sox expected…out of Carl Crawford who has a .250 average. With over 80 RBIs (88) as a leadoff, Ellsbury shows that he can hit in pressured situations, and more importantly, the team can put runners on base even with the bottom part of the order. In his last 30 games, Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting .320, proving that once he is hot, he remains that way. If we were to compare Jacoby Ellsbury with A-Gon and Curtis Granderson this is what the statistics would look like.

Jacoby Ellsbury- .316 season average, 36 steals, 88 RBIs, 25 home runs, 49 BB, .320 average in the last 30 gamess

A-Gon- .343 season average, 24 home runs, 106 RBIs, 59 BB, 1 steal, .304 average in the last 30 games

Curtis Granderson- .271 season average, 38 home runs, 109 RBIs, 78 BB, 24 steals, .258 average in the last 30 games


Before anyone reaches a quick decision, it is important to note the surroundings and batting spot for each player. A-Gon and Grandy are in the third spot and get RBIs when fast people such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner get on base for their respective teams. Also, Granderson has 38 home runs in the second smallest ballpark in MLB. Jacoby Ellsbury and A-Gon both play in the 6th smallest ballpark in MLB, but Fenway Park has the Green Monster, a Red Sox shrine, but it is hard to get over the 37 foot Green Monster. The walls in Yankees Stadium are very small. The biggest shock about Ellsbury is not the home runs, but it is the RBIs. Unless he hits a leadoff home run, Ellsbury will not get an RBI in the first inning because he is the Red Sox leadoff. He is usually the run (102 runs), but now he also has 88 RBIs. Granderson may have the most home runs out of the three players, but he is in a small ballpark with only a .271 average. If I am in a game changing situation, Curtis Granderson is good, but he would be my last choice in that category. I would want either Jacoby Ellsbury or A-Gon. However, if Ellsbury gets on base, then he could steal a base. The speed factor makes him perfect for this kind of situation with A-Gon barely in second place. I am not excluding A-Gon, but Jacoby Ellsbury has a good shot at being an MVP. It is certain that A-Gon and Granderson have more RBIs, and Granderson has more home runs than Ellsbury, but he is a leadoff. Ellsbury does not get as many chances to swing the bat with runners on base as did A-Gon and Curtis, but he is only about 20 RBIs behind number three hitters. Another one of Jacoby Ellsbury’s factors of becoming the MVP will be that he was hurt for most of last season. So, Red Sox fans like myself are obviously going to miss Ellsbury. That means more votes for Ellsbury. That means Jacoby Ellsbury will be the 2011 MVP. Power is not everything when deciding who should be the MVP. Dustin Pedroia should know.

Red Sox Win the “Hitter’s Duel”

Over 30 hits, over 20 runs, and almost anything else other then a pitcher’s duel. Dustin Pedroia went 4 for 5 with multiple doubles. This game increased Pedroia’s hitting streak to 23 games, and in that span, he is hitting over .390. The Royals struck first with an RBI double that was eventually followed by a saccrifice fly out. The Red Sox came right back. A-Gon got the opportunity to hit an RBI sac fly to left field. The little mouse would hit his second triple of the season, and Big Papi would drive him in on a double. The Royals would get in two more with a bases loaded ground-rule double. The Red Sox would eventually come back like they always do. The Sox took the lead in the following sequence:

Marco Scutaro doubles, A-Gon walks, Dustin Pedroia hits an RBI double, and Big Papi hit a 2 run double.

However, Miller would not be able to keep the lead. He gave up a 2 run home run and a solo shot in his last inning of work— the 4th inning. After giving up a double, Aceves got out of the inning. The Red Sox got another run on a bases loaded walk. V-tek would get the third out of the inning however, thus ending the threat. In the next inning, the Red Sox’s bats exploded. The first 8 batters reached base. Josh Reddick and Jacoby Ellsbury both hit singles. The Red Sox would catch a huge break on Drew Sutton’s sacrifice bunt. The second baseman made a costly error, allowing Ellsbury and Reddick to score with Sutton on third. After Marco Scutaro walked, A-Gon drove in Sutton with an RBI single. Pedroia also hit a single, thus loading up the bases. David Ortiz would hit a 2 run single, and the final run of the inning came on a sacrifice fly hit by Josh Reddick bringing in Pedroia from third base. The Red Sox got their last run on V-tek’s solo home run. The Royals got two more runs in the game on 2 RBI singles. The Red Sox won the game by the final score of 13-9 for their 63rd win of the season.



And The Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep On Winning!!!

1st Place!!!

What Bad Start?!?

Behind the Bases

Jacoby Ellsbury Is Red Hot

With his 15th homer of the season, Jacoby Ellsbury is 5 home runs away from being the first Red Sox player since 1987 to have 20 home runs and 25 stolen bases in one season. He has a batting average over .400 in July.


Dustin Pedroia Is One of a Kind

In his last games, Dustin Pedroia has 19 hits (at least 1 per game) and a .404 batting average. Pedroia ended the marathon in Tampa in a eventually game winning RBI single in the top of the 16th inning. Dustin Pedroia is getting ready to creep over .300.


Carl Crawford is Working Behind the Scenes

Crawford has improved, with a .333 average since his return from the DL. Crawford used to play amazing in the Trop, a hot stadium. My theory is that as the temperature gets warmer, Crawford will become a better hitter. Expect big things from Crawford in every second half of his 7 years in a Red Sox uniform. I would also expect another slow start in April.    


Andrew Miller is ON

With a 4-1 record and a 4.65 ERA, Andrew Miller might have just earned himself a spot in the Red Sox rotation. Even when Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz come back, I am confident that Miller will not go down to the minors. Next year, expect incredible things out of this guy.


Josh Reddick Cannot Go Down

Reddick has been amazing since Crawford went to the DL. However, with Crawford back on the team, Reddick can no longer play left field. However, the Red Sox recently put Reddick in right field, possibly a way out of the minors for Reddick. He went 2 for 3 in the game, but the main question os of he was comfortable playing right field for the day.


Josh Beckett Isn’t Having an 07 Year, He’s Having A Better Year

Beckett is second place in the MLB ERA rankings at 2.12. He definitely has less wins than deserved, but he has defeated strong teams with ease. It all comes natural to this guy. Josh Beckett is amazing!


A-Gon Is “A-Mazing”

Gonzalez leads MLB in average, and he will soon have over 20 home runs. A-Gon hasn’t hit as many homers as expected, but he will have a home run streak in the second half of the season. He always gets intentionally walked with runners in scoring position even with Kevin Youkilis due up. A-Gon is the definition of intimidating opponents.


Expect more information to go onto this post. I will add in Youk and any other players that I can think of. Help me out with ideas. I’ll try to write about them as soon as possible. Thank you for reading my blogs.




Let’s Go Red Sox!!!


Jacoby Ellsbury Go Deep Twice, Helping Miller Get His 4th Win

Andrew Miller went 5.2 innings, giving up 2 hits and no runs in the 4-0 win for the Red Sox over the O’s. However, the main attraction in the game was Jacoby Ellsbury hitting two dingers to right field. A-Gon went 4 for 5 in the game with 4 singles, and behind the scenes, Carl Crawford went 2 for 3 with an RBI, a double, and a walk. Josh Reddick had a similar day, going 2 for 3 in the process. The other 2 Red Sox runs came in on a ground out and a walk. The Red Sox won the game by a final score of 4-0.

And the Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s go Red Sox!!!

Keep On Winning!!!

What Bad Start!!!

Keep an eye on my next blog, behind the bases.

Pedroia’s Single Beats Rays in the 16th

Dustin Pedroia’s single brought in the only run of the ball game, in the 16th inning, giving the Red Sox a 1-0 win. Both teams were limited to a combine 8 hits throughout the game. There were 15 pitchers that threw in the game, including Josh Beckett and Jeff Niemann. This was a pitcher’s duel of the ages as Beckett surrendered only 1 hit and no walks in 8 sharp innings. Niemann pitched 8 innings as well, earning 10 K’s while giving up only 2 hits. Adam Russell blew the game in the 16th inning, giving up that RBI single to Dustin Pedroia. Alfredo Aceves would get the win, giving up no hits or walks in the three innings that he worked. Jonathan Papelbon would get his 21st save of the year in a 1,2,3 bottom of the 16th inning. It was a game that anyone could have won, but the Red Sox availed as they won 1-0.


And The Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep On Winning!!!

What Bad Start?!?

Three Sox Take Rays to the Seats

Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Josh Reddick all had home runs in the second game of the series. The Rays struck first with three runs off of Red Sox’s starter, John Lackey, however only two of the runs were earned. The Red Sox got two runs in the second inning on a 2 run home run that was absolutely crushed to right field. In the following inning, after a walk and a single, David Ortiz hit a two run double to right field, scoring A-Gon (walk) and Kevin Youkilis (single). J.D. Drew would hit a double right after Big Papi, scoring him from second base. The only run that came in the 4th inning was on Jacoby Ellsbury’s lead off home run. Matt Joyce wasn’t going to watch quietly though. After getting hurt, Matt Joyce would hit his 13th home run of the year. Dustin Pedroia would take Juan Cruz deep for his 13th homer, extending Boston’s lead to 4 runs. The Rays had a good chance to get in another run. Sam Fuld hit a lead off double in the 8th inning. However, the next three Rays batters grounded out, struck out, and flied out (in that order). The Red Sox had a dynamic rally in the 9th inning. Marco Scutaro started the inning with a single, followed by catcher’s interference, putting Jacoby Ellsbury on first base and Marco Scutaro on second base. Dustin Pedroia followed up with a single. So, with the bases loaded, and nobody out, the meat of the line-up was coming up. Luckily for the Rays, A-Gon struck out. However, Kevin Youkilis would walk on a 9 pitch at bat, forcing Marco Scutaro home. Big Papi would get in a couple of runs on a sacrifice ground out. J.D. Drew would strikeout swinging, but the damage was done as the Red Sox got two more runs. Jonathan Papelbon came in to finish the game. After getting behind in the count, Jonathan Papelbon had Ben Zobrist flyout to Marco Scutaro. Casey Kotchman, the next batter, hit a triple against Papelbon. Evan Longoria would drive in Kotchman on an RBI single. The All Star, Matt Joyce, would ground out to A-Gon. Longoria made it to second base on the play. B.J. Upton came up as the Rays last hope. B.J. Upton swung and missed on a 95 mph 4-Seam fastball with a 2-2 count, giving the Red Sox a 9-5 victory over Tampa. 

And The Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep On Winning!!!

1st Place!!!

What Bad Start?!?

Red Sox Get Hot Start in First, Followed by Hot Tempers

The Red Sox scored 8 runs in the first inning with 13 batters. Kevin Youkilis would start the rally with an RBI single, followed by David Ortiz’s 3 run home run. The defense of the O’s was virtually wiped out. The Sox scored 4 more runs on a double and 2 singles. Zack Britton would not escape the first inning. The O’s scored their only 3 runs in the 5th, followed by Dustin Pedroia’s lead-off homer in the 6th inning.Josh Reddick would get an RBI on a triple into the triangle. The main event of the game occurred in the next at-bat. Big Papi would be thrown in twice in a row by the O’s reliever, Kevin Gregg. Papi flew out to right field. After Gregg made a hand gesture to Ortiz, the benches cleared in a brawl. Papi and Gregg were throwing punches at each other. This was the first fight I saw in person. The Sox won the game 10-3.

And the Red Sox Win It!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Keep on winning!!!

Sweep the 0’s